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Now you've got your vividest pink and unforgettable R/T fic, you want to give it a safe home with less holes than the Shrieking Shack and less ghosts than Grimmauld Place. You also want fellow R/T fans to be able to find it at the swish of a wand (or push of a button).

The good news is you've found somewhere as secure as Hogwarts (any Death Eaters are after Harry, not your fic): metamorphed_fic. And getting your fic stored here for all R/T fans to read couldn't be easier as long as you follow the rules and instructions below.

1. Membership. Though we will link fics from whatever personal journal, community, or archive you wish, you must be a member of metamorphed_fic in order to have your fics catalogued here. (If you are a member of metamorfic_moon and do not wish your fics to be included, please comment to your fic post or email a moderator to have them removed.)

2. Age. The community is open to anyone, over the age of 13, who is interested in writing or reading Remus/Tonks fic. The age cap has nothing to do with ability, but with the content of the majority of stories that may be posted here. The maintainers trust that readers will not view material if they are under the suitable age, and take no responsibility for the content viewed by underage readers.

3. Content. metamorphed_fic accepts all ratings. However, NC-17 submissions will be accepted entirely at the discretion of the moderators. Under no circumstances will we accept bestiality or incest, and other strong themes will be considered for appropriateness.

4. Pairings. Fics may feature Remus and Tonks in other het relationships, but the conclusive ship must be R/T.

5. WIPs. We are happy to include WIPs here, and we will update chapter links as you post new ones. If your story is not updated for 12 months, it will be removed. Similarly, WIPs will be removed if they include unacceptable NC-17 elements.

6. Submission. To submit your R/T fanfics for inclusion in the metamorphed_fic archive, please email a moderator the following information for each fic:

Title: (with link)
Author Name: (LJ name or link to author page)
Rating & Warnings: (Please make sure the warnings about your fics contain no explicit language or material.)
Word Count: (If a chaptered fic, please indicate whether complete or a WIP.)
Era: (POA, GOF, OOTP, HBP, DH, post-war)
Featured Characters & Other Pairings: (including original characters, but "OCs" will suffice instead of listing names)
Awards: (if the piece was written for a contest/challenge)
Chapter Links: (only applicable if linking to an LJ)

Whether you want to peruse our archives to find that perfect read, or add your fic to our collection, metamorphed_fic is the place to be.

Fics to archive? Problems? Questions? Email the moderators, who will reply in Remus-like fashion and endeavour to get rid of the Boggart which is causing you difficulty.



Harry Potter characters, places, and situations discussed in this community and used in fanfiction works posted here are created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. This community is for entertainment purposes only; no money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

By joining this community, you agree to the disclaimer and rules.

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Many thanks to bratty_jedi for the hours of time and effort she put into streamlining our layout, and to drumher for donating her exquisite artwork to set the proper R/T mood. The image featured here is entitled "Prelude To A Kiss," the full version of which can be found here. Visit her journal for more great Remus and Tonks art!